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Timetable for classes

All pupils are encouraged to do ballet, as it builds strength, technique and flexibility which is

useful for all styles of dance, as well as being an enjoyable and rewarding style of dance. Ballet helps with co-ordination and also to develop musicallity, discipline and concentration.


Tap is all about using your feet to make different rhythms and sounds. Tap is an enjoyable genre of dance no matter what age or ability.




Modern and Jazz provides an opportunity for dancers to show off their own style and personality. This style of dance is energetic and fun, it combines exercises for flexibility, isolation of different body parts, kicks, turns and jumps. A range of dances are learnt in these classes, musical numbers, Fossey style dance, lyrical, commercial.


Street Jazz mixes modern hip hop styles with traditional jazz dance. Classes teach fast footwork moves, acrobatic floor moves, turns and leaps with a whole new style and attitude.



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